7, Alicia

Earthy woman with hat and scarf street casting

Close up of earthy woman with hat and scarf street casting

Full body of earthy woman with hat and scarf street casting

Alicia works for a local garden store and was delivering a beautiful selection of plants to a client when we found her. She said it had been a stressful day and this break to have her pics taken was just what she needed. Great for us, too.

6, Jai

Cool guy with glasses and hat street cast

Profile image of cool guy in hat street cast

Full body shot of cool guy in hat street cast

Jai was hoofing past us but stopped and let us nab his pic. He has a downtown look and also works in the photo production business.

5, Erina

Tall, redhead Asian woman standing on street

Street casting of redheaded, tall asian woman

Full body image of tall, Asian woman standing on street

Erina had literally arrived in New York from Japan one day earlier. She had a friend help translate for her but was able to fill out the casting sheet perfectly in English. Great hair and style.

4, Erin

Cute redhead street casting in front of coffee shop

Cute redhead profile sitting in front of coffee shop

Cute redhead full-body street casting by coffee shop

Erin was hanging outside a coffee shop with a friend. Minutes ago the sun was out and the bench was packed. When the sun left, so did everyone else.

3, Royelyn

Man with glasses standing in front of store

Man with glasses profile street casting

Man with glasses full-body in front of store

Royelyn works at a design store and knows his shit. He has a sick sense of style and is incredibly helpful (he recommended an eclectic grouping of pillows we loved). And check those pants

2, Amy

woman with glasses standing on street

Quirky woman with glasses profile on street

Quirky woman with glasses full-body smiling

Since it was such a ridiculously warm, winter afternoon, Amy had walked far from home and happened upon us. She was continuing on until she reached the water.

1, Moon

Asian man with cool style on street

Asian man profile on street

Asian man full body photograph from street casting

Moon has done some modeling in the past including a campaign for Uniqlo. Wonder what could be in that shopping bag?

Hello, World. Street Lovely here.

We’d like to introduce you all to Street Lovely. A collection of visually-charismatic, cool-to-look-at people we found casting out on the streets. We’ll only post people we’d be ecstatic to photograph ourselves. Not your average, commercial models, but real people with a real cool look.

We’re hoping this will become an amazing resource for casting directors, photographers, art directors, advertisers, artists and the like. And if you’re someone who just likes to people watch, that’s fine too.

Please feel free to follow and comment at any point of this adventure. We’d love to hear your input.


Inna & Ted

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